We Need You!

Parents of all coaching experiences levels are encouraged to volunteer to coach a team. We always need more volunteers to coach. Almost all of our coaches are parents and many have never played the sport. Just bringing your enthusiasm, love of the kids, and the game is all a coach needs to succeed. Have a friend? Invite them to coach with you! Even if you have never coached before, the players need you! Register today!

Coaching and Volunteer Registration Requirements

Youth sports has become much more focused on the risk and consequences. As an SSA volunteer, whether as a coach, a board member, or in some other capacity, the state mandates fulfilling the following requirements.

To complete these requirements, you must be registered with the state. More information on these requirements and how they can be completed is found on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association web page:

https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/adult-registration-process/ .

Travel Coach Licensing Requirements

The Sharon Soccer Association requires all of its coaches to complete minimum licensing requirements to ensure that volunteer coaches have at least a basic understanding of player development issues and current coaching methodologies. Coaches are required to complete the game-format specific Grassroots License the applies to the level at which they will be coaching.

Additional information and links to available coaching courses is available at the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association webpage: