Sharon Soccer Association (SSA) is supporting teams to play in the Norfolk ForeKicks indoor soccer leagues.

Registration ended October 18 

ForeKicks League Play

Forekicks is a large indoor sports venue with indoor turf fields, both boarded and unboarded. Their indoor soccer leagues are competitive with town and club teams divided into brackets based on age, gender, and level of play.  The fields are suitable for 6x6 play (7x7, for grades 2-4). The games have referees, and standings within each bracket are kept with the top two teams receiving trophies for their players. It's a fantastic and fun way for kids to play competitive soccer during the off-season.

Sharon will be forming teams with players from grade 2 through to HS students. Here are additional specifics for our offering

General Schedule

Game will kick off on the hour. As teams are set, times will become more certain.