The ForeKicks league's uniform policy is nowhere near as strict as the South Shore Soccer League (SSSL) that our travel teams play in. ForeKicks simply requires a numbered jersey in the correct color for the town.  Socks, shorts, and undershirts are not required to be the same for the players on each team. So while there is some flexibility here, we want to be sure that all our players meet or exceed the uniform standard required by ForeKicks.


Below are the two primary options for indoor uniforms. Please review each options carefully so you can pick what that makes the most sense for your situation. Non-travel players should receive a separate email with their assigned uniform number. If you have not received a uniform number and need one, please reach out to our registrar at




Current travel soccer players can continue to wear their travel uniform. No need for an additional purchase.



These are NOT travel jerseys, but are a similar color and are numbered, meeting ForeKicks league requirements. WeGotSoccer is the provider and their price is $15, plus shipping. Please note that you can avoid shipping costs by arranging to pick your order up at the WeGotSoccer storefront location in Wrentham. WeGotSoccer does not expect shipping issues or supply chain problems for the Indoor Jersey; assuming all orders are made promptly. Order information is here. Please contact WeGotSoccer for all sizing questions. Before you order, you will need a uniform number from our registrar.


For those who would prefer, we do have two secondary options. Please consider the risks if you decide to take these options. Sharon Soccer will not support either Secondary Option and you will be fully responsible for the outcome, either positive or negative.



A) Purchase a Travel “Sharon Soccer Game Jersey” ($30) or a Travel “Sharon Soccer Required Uniform Kit” ($60) from WeGotSoccer. This might make sense for future travel soccer players or for those who are looking for a backup uniform before the spring travel season. IMPORTANT: Please be aware that there could supply chain issues for these items, especially in the Men’s small size.

B) Borrow an old used travel jersey from another player or as a hand-me-down from an older player. IMPORTANT: If you choose this option, please let us know the number for your child, so that we can have it properly reflected on the ForeKicks player roster for your team.