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Sharon Travel Soccer Open House July 2023

Sideline Behavior

Parents are expected to cheer for the team from the sideline. Please do not shout criticism, advice, or 'helpful comments' at the players. Most of the time they can't hear what you are saying, which doesn't mean to shout louder. When they can hear, it takes them out of the game and usually makes them feel bad.

Parents need to remember that they are watching young kids playing competitive soccer for the first time in their lives. They will make plenty of mistakes, both physically and mentally. But they get better by playing. In order to continue to want to play, they have to be having fun. Being yelled at from the sidelines by your parents, isn't fun.

Make it positive. Cheer on the team. Cheer on the other team. Be encouraging. Enjoy watching them play. Don't worry about the score and the errors you see. Focus on the improvement and please stop and think when you want to shout something.

Quick note on the refs. They are just a little older than the players and are also learning for the first time. We want them gaining confidence and improving. They will make mistakes and that is part of the game. Per the SSA, coaches, players, and parents and not allowed to challenge bad calls. Do not yell at them or questions their decisions.

More on the impact of parent behavior here (link). Also, here is a quick piece on how to model good sportsmanship (link).

Concussion Policy

Youth sports has become much more focused on the risk and consequences of concussions. As an SSA coach, we are required to have concussion training and to recognize the signs of a possible concussion.

Here is the official policy of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) as of May 2016:

In effect, the policy says that coaches must remove any player that is showing signs of a concussion from play. We can not allow that child to return to a game or a practice until they have been cleared by a health care professional.

Please support the coaches as they implement this policy. It is for the safety of your children.

Final Notes

The expectation is that your child will promptly attend what they signed up for. The team needs them, the coaches need them, and the opposing team needs them. Always let the coaches know in advance if you son will be missing anything team related.

Again, if your child will be missing anything, let the coaches know ASAP. And don't be late.

Open Field

The Sharon Soccer Association understands that anyone can face financial difficulties and need help making ends meet. We believe that regardless of the circumstances surrounding those difficulties, children should not be prevented from participating in sports because of them. Our Open Field initiative provides assistance for families who need help to cover the cost of registration fees and/or travel uniform purchases.  If you are in need of financial assistance in order to enable your child (or children) to play soccer, please contact us confidentially at