Parents are expected to remain outside of the fence during recreation soccer. The fields are for the kids and Sharon Soccer Association volunteers who have completed the required safety trainings, CORI, and background checks. No other adults can be allowed to have contact with the children.

Parents are expect to stay at the field during the time that their young children are on the field. Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch from outside the fences. Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer to help coach their child's team.


Parent/Spectator Information

Rec Soccer is not a “drop off” activity. A responsible adult must be present, in the car or on the sidelines, for the duration of the session. If you plan to stay in your car, please make sure your coach has your cell phone number in case they need to reach you.

Sideline spectators, please note:

Please review COVID-19 parent responsibilities:

Concussion Policy

Youth sports has become much more focused on the risk and consequences of concussions. As an SSA coach, we are required to have concussion training and to recognize the signs of a possible concussion.

Here is the official policy of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) as of May 2016:

In effect, the policy says that coaches must remove any player that is showing signs of a concussion from play. We can not allow that child to return to a game or a practice until they have been cleared by a health care professional.

Please support the coaches as they implement this policy. It is for the safety of your children.