• SSA will provide virtual coach training that will include COVID-protocols in accordance with MYSA requirements.

  • Coaches are required to take their own temperature prior to each session.

  • Coaches are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at all times. No exceptions. Whenever possible, maintain a minimum 6-feet of distance between yourself and your players.

  • When gathering your team for instruction, ensure that players sit a minimum of 6-feet apart from each other. Players are required to wear a mask at all times (except when drinking water).

  • Mask should be of a design that has loops extending around the ears so as not to present a risk that child or other players if accidentally tugged.

  • Prior to the start of any sanctioned activity, verbally confirm with each player that they are not experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Any player reporting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should be dismissed from the practice or game and will not be permitted to return to play until cleared by a medical professional. Refer to the CDC’s website for the signs and symptoms of COVID-19

  • Regularly emphasize that players should arrive at the field properly dressed and ready to play and must leave immediately once the practice is over. As we are trying to limit as much as possible interactions between players belonging to different age groups, lingering at the field after practice cannot be permitted.

  • Handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps and the like should be discouraged.

  • Encourage (and practice) proper hygiene while participating in practices and/or games. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol). Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or sleeves, do not use your hands. Do not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed hands). Launder clothing after training sessions and games.

  • Verify that each player has their own water bottle and personal hygiene supplies (hand sanitizer, tissues, masks, etc….). Players must not be permitted to share water bottles or hygiene products with each other.

  • Players should set their personal belongings in distinct, physically distant locations (minimum of 6-feet separation) at the sides of the fields.

  • Shared team snacks will not be permitted.

  • The coach should be the only person handling training equipment (e.g. cones, flags, etc…) at practices and Eagle League games. Players and/or parents should not be permitted to assist with setting up or taking down training equipment. All equipment should be cleaned properly following each practice.

  • SSA will provide coaches with disinfecting spray for equipment. Additional supplies are maintained in the snack shack

  • SSA will require the use of an App such asTeamer, TeamSnap, etc. for coaches to create a list of expected attendees to keep track of attendance at each practice. (to assist with Contact Tracing if required)