Fields & Facilities


Updated May 18, 2021

  • Assign a COVID-19 Safety Officer who will communicate policy organization wide to organizations utilizing the facility. Regular updates and reminders should be provided.

  • Assign staff to oversee the compliance of organizations at the facility. One staff per two playing surfaces.

  • Facility Operators must keep rosters of all participants with appropriate contact information and make that information available upon request by state officials, local boards of health and their authorized agents. Should a Facility Operator or Activity Organizer fail to comply completely and promptly with health officials, operators and organizers risk closure or suspension of a league’s practices or games.

  • Access to equipment storage and office space should be limited to employees only. First aid kits should be available at the playing area or court rather than in an office, where possible.

  • In the event of a positive case, shut down the site for a deep cleaning and disinfecting in accordance with current guidelines.

  • If any equipment is provided by the Facility Operator, the operator must minimize equipment sharing and clean and disinfect shared equipment at the end of a practice session from the list of disinfectants meeting EPA criteria for use against the novel coronavirus.

  • Operators must post visible signage throughout the site to remind employees and visitors of hygiene and safety protocols.

  • Consider having alcohol based hand sanitizer in common areas to encourage hygiene.

  • Schedule groups/teams with a minimum of 20 minutes in between the time one team concludes and the other arrives. Players must leave immediately after their session. Players should not arrive at their field earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled arrival time.

  • Once athletes have completed their competition or activity they must leave the area if another team is taking the field or using the playing surface to ensure adequate space for distancing.

  • Teams who wish to schedule warm-up time prior to their sessions must build that into their scheduled session/rental time. Warm-ups will not be permitted adjacent to the assigned field prior to the scheduled start time for a team.