Travel Soccer


2024 - 2025 Travel Soccer Tryouts

Registration for the 2024-25 Travel Soccer Season is now open! Please visit our Registration  page for additional information on how to register!

Registration is required to attend tryouts and will close on May 31st. No walk-ins will be accepted. 


For example, if your child is in 4th grade currently, they should attend the 5th-grade tryouts as they will be in 5th grade during the entire travel soccer year

Evaluation Process

There will be two tryouts for each age group. While we encourage everyone to attend both tryouts, you are not required to do so and there is no penalty applied if a child can only attend one tryout. If you know in advance that you cannot attend both tryouts please let us know.  

Tryouts will consist of a combination of small-sided and age-group specific games. Our goal is to give all players as much opportunity as possible to be actively engaged in the game. Each player will be evaluated by a combination of professional and volunteer coaches who are not familiar with the players.  They will assess their abilities in multiple aspects and phases of the game. Players are strongly encouraged to focus on playing good, team-based soccer as opposed to prioritizing individual skills or abilities to the detriment of the team.  For Grade 5/6 and Grade 7/8 tryouts, any player wishing to be evaluated based on their goalkeeping ability may volunteer to play in goal when requested by the coaches and their performance in goal will be given additional consideration in the team placement process.

 If your child is ill, injured, out of town or otherwise unable to participate in tryouts, it is very important that you let us know ahead of time. We will do our best to make appropriate accommodations in the placement process for children who cannot participate in tryouts. Please note that we are unable to consider any 'after the fact' information regarding circumstances that may have influenced your child's participation in or performance at the tryouts.

 Players should arrive at tryouts properly dressed to play soccer. Shin guards (worn inside the player's socks) are mandatory, and no jewelry is allowed. Soccer cleats are strongly encouraged but not required (note however that cleats designed for other sports - i.e. baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, etc... - will not be permitted)

 Please plan on arriving approximately 30 minutes early to your tryout to allow sufficient time to get checked in and have your child's photograph taken. Returning players should not wear their Sharon Soccer uniform or practice jersey to the tryout. Players will be assigned a numbered pinnie that will allow us to identify each player, and it is important that players not wear any numbered jerseys that could cause confusion with the pinnie number.

Should you have any questions about tryouts or travel soccer in general, please don't hesitate to contact either Melissa Shaltis or Matt Tavares

Tryout Schedule

Evaluations for the 2024-25 Season will be held at Gavins Pond during the week of June 3-7. The schedule is published below.  This schedule has been created to avoid school-required events such as elementary school concerts and middle school end-of-year events.  

Note—You should register your child for the 2024/25 season based on the grade that they will be entering in September  2024. (For example, a child who is completing the 4th grade in June 2024 and will be starting the 5th grade in September should register for the Grade 5/6 age group.) 

Player Information

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